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一気に読んだ本:高岡ヨシ著「五厘クラブ」 Books I Read at a Stretch:”Gorin Club” by Yoshi Takaoka


 I tended to withdraw in my shell reading books when I was a boy. If some friends came and asked me to play with outside, I even didn’t answer the door. I have my likes and dislikes about books. I’m not sure how to judge it myself, but I make a point of quitting to read if I can’t be into the book within the first few pages, even if it is a best-seller.





  It’s strange, but for some reason or other the works by Yoshi Takaoka naturally permeate my heart like a tasty ramen soup does my body. I’ve read two works of him, “Arukeba Ii” and “Artificial flowers” so far, I went through these works feeling empathy to the main character naturally even if there isn’t any special events or amazing plots. “Gorin Club”, the work I read this time, seems to pe published before the two works I mentioned. This story takes the style that the main character talks about his memories.


 Takakura, the main character who lives in Canada, is going over chronological table of “Gorin Club” again. Gorin Club started with 4 members who lived in the same housing complex. They just played around together at first, but the bonds between them grew much stronger through various events. The reason that Takakura comes back to Japan this time is to have a living funeral for “Gorin Club”. The one who proposed to do that was “leader”, and Takakura was assigned to make the chronological table of the club for the living funeral…….  



 Many kinds of episodes in Takakura’s childhood, in his youth, and the reason why he moved to Canada were told calmly, but in a way full of contrast and variety.

 The author himself lives in Canada now. This story may be a kind of his autobiography.  I finished this book savoring something lingering there.