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Books I read at a stretch: 一気に読んだ本 「アーティフィシャル・フラワーズ」高岡ヨシ著







 I felt my heart was warmed by reading this book.

 Takaoka Yoshi’s another book titled “Arukeba Ii”, which I mentioned before, was a work that depicts two young guys who are very awkward and being in a difficult, unescapable situation, but even so, you can feel a faint but certain ray of hope when you read it through.



 The book I read this time contains two short stories. The title piece “Artificial Flowers” is an adorable love story that makes you feel like cheering the main character in spite of yourself.

 Shinji who designs houses at a small construction firm has a crush on a flower shop clerk named Tanabe. The flowers which are sold at the shop are all artificial ones. Shinji has little experience in love so he doesn’t know how to tell her his feeling toward her and he goes to the shop so often only to see her smiling at him, and now his room is full of artificial flowers. Char and Wataru who are Shinji’s coworkers plan a strategy and try to egg Shinji on it.


 Both Shinji and Tanabe have some memories and backgrounds that make them hesitate to go out with someone, so it seems not easy that their love comes to fruition. That’s why readers feel an urge more and more to back up Shinji who is very shy. I may add that they mention KIRINJI’s songs in their conversation. I was somehow glad when I read that part because I like them, too.

キリンジ スウィートソウル PV


 The other story is “6172 Hon no Monogatari”.  The main character is a junior high school boy. He is not good at sports, but he sneaks into gymnasium every night to achieve something. It is a really short story and good enough to makes you feel like cheering him.