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Books I read at a stretch: 一気に読んだ本 「歩けばいい」 高岡ヨシ著


 I couldn’t stop crying for a while when I finished reading this book. It is a story about a couple of young guys, Hanada and Sin-ya, who are losers in life from the viewpoint of general standard, and they just walk all the way to TOKYO SKYTREE.


 The balance sheet of life won’t break even. It seems like the rich get richer. Both Hanada and Sin-ya who were subjected to ridicule and cruel abuse when they were students felt they had a big deficit in life and even after graduation they couldn’t have any surplus. In the meantime, it turned out that one of the guys who were cruelest to them got married and led a full life as a hairdresser. This sense of unfairness is the theme that readers face in the story.  


 The sense of unfairness won’t be settled in the story. However, I’m wondering why I somehow feel a gleam of hope after reading it. The author has a skill to make readers empathize with the characters so I was really moved when I know what had become of them through the episode which is written only a little at the end of the story.


 I came to know the author, Takaoka Yoshi, through his blog. I’d like to read his other works.