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ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ最終章を観て⑥:登場人物の魅力 シオン・グレイジョイ My Impressions of Game of Thrones Season 8 ⑥: The attractiveness of the characters Theon Greyjoy


 There could be someone who is somehow pathetic, timid and untrustworthy, even so, still fascinating. Theon Greyjoy is, in my opinion, the very character like that. He is rather a key supporting role than just a supporting one. He has a complicated background. He was taken to House Stark as a hostage at first but later a ward, then he was brought up by Ned Stark, who became a guardian for him, with Ned’s children.



 After Ned dies, Theon fights for the Starks with Robb Stark who is the eldest son of Ned. However, Theon betrays the Starks later and end up suffering a miserable fate. He is captured by Ramsay Snow, who is a bastard of House Bolton in the North, and treated like a slave.



 What Ramsay does to Theon was extremely cruel. Theon is tortured and what is done on him is too horrible to mention, so his mind is on the verge of collapse. After many twists and turns, he meets Yara, his elder sister, again and begins to return to his former self. In the last season, he is on the side of Jon Snow and struggle to save Yara who was captured by their uncle called Euron.   




 It is not that he can overcome the hardships, which he suffers, by himself, nor that he is a guy with delightful personality, but he is somehow so attractive. The guy we can see there is an ordinary one without anything special. What makes me feel like cheering him is the way he somehow survives until the last season no matter how he is weak or awkward like that.

 The actor who played Theon Greyjoy is an English actor called Alfie Allen.