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持ってるだけで嬉しい本:AKIRA(作・画 大友克洋)の魅力③ 登場人物の魅力 Books That Makes Me Feel Happy Just By Owning Them: The Attractiveness of AKIRA (written and illustrated by Otomo Katsuhiro)③ The Attractiveness of the Characters


 This story looks already promising with just the settings I mentioned last time. On top of that, the characterization makes this story interesting even more. The main characters are as follows. 



  Kaneda……Kaneda is the main protagonist of this story. He is a student of ‘Vocational Training Center’ where only delinquents go to. He rides illegally customized motorbike which he has stolen and careers around repeatedly with his usual crowd. He uses drugs regularly and is the leader of a group of delinquents who hang out a pub called Harukiya. He hates authority so he always takes a rebellious attitude towards adults. He values friendship and is carefree and cheerful by nature so he is very popular with his friends. He doesn’t have any supernatural power but he tides over difficulties with his great athletic ability, guts, and keen intuition.     


 Tetsuo……Tetsuo is a Kaneda’s childhood friend and also a member of Kaneda’s motorcycle gang. He was so timid in his boyhood that he tended to be bullied. Kaneda used to help him so Tetsuo like him but also has inferiority complex and warped feelings against Kaneda. The traffic accident awakened his supernatural ability and he soon shows his uncontrollable power.


  Kei……Kei is one of antigovernment rebels. She visits a tavern called Harukiya to meet another rebel, and she rejects Kaneda who tried to pick her up. After that, she finds Takashi (No.26), who she has been looking for, but collided with the army and ends up running away with Kaneda who has followed her. She finds herself possessing supernatural ability to channel the powers of other psychics afterwards, then she plays an important role in the strategy to control Tetsuo who becomes a monster.


 In addition to these characters, there a lot of attractive supporting characters such as the colonel Shikishima who is the head of the secret research facility, Miyako who is a psychic and the leader of a religion group, Kaori who is a waiting made for Tetsuo but later becomes his emotional support, and so on. These characters have there own episodes and the plots are woven so complicatedly that the story could lead to failure. However, it has the convincing ending so I was really impressed. 

AKIRA(3) (KCデラックス)

AKIRA(3) (KCデラックス)

  • 作者:大友 克洋
  • 発売日: 1986/08/21
  • メディア: コミック