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ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ最終章を観て⑤:登場人物の魅力 サンダー・クレゲイン My Impressions of Game of Thrones Season 8 ⑤: The attractiveness of the characters, Rory McCann


 Tyrion and Arya, who are the characters in this drama I mentioned before, are both from the royal families and they can be called key supporting roles.

Many people appear in this drama and you can see varieties of supporting roles color this story, too.  



 Among those supporting roles, the one who is especially impressive for me is a fighter called Sandor Clegane. He was originally a vassal of House Lannister and he was also known as “Hound” because he was so loyal that he could kill someone relentlessly if he was ordered to do so. He has an elder brother called Gregor who became a knight. Sandor’s only aim in life has been to kill this brother since he suffered a severe burn on his face when he was a little boy.



 Despite the unfortunate early background like that, Sandor is somehow kind and try to save some people oppressed. There are so many people who are quite cruel in this story, so the presence of Sandor is something healing for me. Sander protected Sansa Stark, then he wandered around and ended up kidnapping Arya Stark but eventually saved her life. You can see him finally fight with his brother in the last season.



 The actor who played Sander Clegane was a Scottish called Rory McCann.