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好きだったCMソング:松田聖子さん「裸足の季節」 My Favorite CM Songs: “Hadashi no Kisetsu” by Seiko Matsuda


 For some reason or other, the year 1980 is something special for me. The 70s seemed to be somewhat restless and gloomy for me, a little boy at that time. However, when it turned the 80s the atmosphere suddenly changed into cheerful mood, partly because of this song, I guess.

松田聖子 裸足の季節 (1980年)


 This song was used as a CM song for a facial cleansing foam from April 1980 and soon became popular. The words and the melody of this song were really refreshing and they had the power to take listeners to summer season immediately. Come to think of it, the attractiveness of Seiko Matsuda, who is the singer of the song, was amazing at that time. It was something that words couldn’t express. I secretly idolized her so I put some magazine clippings in a pencil board. I adored her so much that I somehow told my friends a lie, saying “〇〇〇〇ko (another Idol’s name) is better for me rather than Matsuda Seiko”, and I can’t explain why I did so at that time.

松田聖子   青い珊瑚礁   【no高画質】     


 In July, the same year, she sang “Aoi Sangosyo”, a CM song for an ice cream and in October, “Kaze wa Akiiro” a CM song for the face cleansing foam again, so it seemed like that this year was almost full of her image.  

松田聖子 Seiko Matsuda☆風は秋色


 The members of Amazon Prime can listen to these three songs I mentioned above for free. This season reminds me of “Hadashi no Kisetsu”, so I couldn’t contain myself and I listened to it for the first time in a long time. It was surely good just as I thought. Plus, what I thought was, “Was she so good at singing like this?”, because I was really amazed by her great skill in singing. 

1980 資生堂 エクボ 洗顔フォーム&ミルキィクリーム