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これスマートウォッチ?:見た目アナログ時計のスマートウォッチ「Withings Steel HR」  Is This Really a Smartwatch? : “Withings Steel HR” A Smartwatch Which Looks Like an Analog


 I’ve pretended not to be interested in smart watches but actually I have been. I used to wear a cyber looking cheap watch when I was a student so I was intrigued by Apple Watch as soon as it went on sale. However, my smartphone was not an iPhone so I gave up buying an Apple Watch but I knew recently that many kinds of smartwatches were coming onto the market from various companies.   

  ネットで調べて、すぐに気になるものがありました。見た目はただのアナログ時計なのに、スマートウォッチとして紹介されていたその時計は、Withings/NokiaのSteel HRです。

   I looked up smartwatches online to find the one I was curious about. The watch just looked like an analog but the explanation said it was a smartwatch called Steel HR from Withings/Nokia.


 Speaking of Nokia, it is a Finnish company which had the biggest share of the cellphone market before. I liked the watch’s design that is so stylish like the other watches from north Europe. Then I found it had the least number of functions as a smartwatch like notification functions for incoming calls, e-mails, tweets, etc. In addition to that, it has other kinds of functions to support your health such as checking the heart rate, footsteps, quality of sleep and so on.




 I bought it almost on impulse, but actually I needed it because my former analog watch was broken. When it was delivered, I was glad to find that its design and sizes are as good as I thought. The strap is made of rubber so it looks like a bit cheap but it is to allow you to wear it while swimming. I’m not an athlete so the functions for health are enough for me. The sleep data is even more useful than I thought. Incoming e-mails and phone calls are notified with vibration, but I’m insensitive about that so I seldom notice them.      


 I’d like to recommend this smartwatch to someone who is interested in smartwatches but doesn’t want them to look like typical ones. Skagen, which is also from northern Europe, also has some analog looking smartwatches, and their designs are excellent, too. 

Skagen Men's Jorn Hybrid Smartwatch Brown Leather SKT1200 [並行輸入品]

Skagen Men's Jorn Hybrid Smartwatch Brown Leather SKT1200 [並行輸入品]