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観たらやっぱり面白い:「千と千尋の神隠し」 Films I can’t get enough of: “Spirited Away”


 I cried as I used to. The view of the world that is depicted here is somewhat overwhelming. I saw it I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched it so far, and after all this time, I watched it again.

Spirited Away - Official Trailer


 It’s a kind of movie that is difficult to understand how good it is if you just hear the sammery, as “Peter Pan” . The reason why this movie appeal to your emotions so much is because of the empathy with the sense of value you feel here and there in this story, rather than the story itself. The world you feel through what Chihiro, the main character, experiences is somehow full of something universal that we shouldn’t miss or of powerful longing for it. The empathy I have with something like that would touch my heartstrings that you are not usually aware of.


 Come to think of it, how attractive the world which is created there is. The world which is like a collage of varied cultures of this real world seems to be something that is made of various aspects of Japan from its past to its present, and I even feel some nostalgy for the world.


  This world where Chihiro lives is a place in which people destroy, cover up, and change the nature or life, to suit themselves, that has been here for a long time without thinking of the value of it over, It is the destination for some people who were expelled from this world and end up losing their names that the place Chihiro got lost in to become Sen. This movie is full of affection toward those existences. In fact, most of the audience remain passive onlookers in this world so they remember how they used to feel in their childhood to be immersed in nostalgia, even though they also feel regret for something. I can’t hold back my tears at the moment Haku, the boy Sen meets in another world, reveals the true form because somehow it’s really nostalgic.    



 I’m not a big fan of the GHIBLI works, but feel sentimental value about some of them. That’s because we can tell they are based on a proper sense of value

千と千尋の神隠し [DVD]