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アルバム・レビュー:山中千尋「ローザ」 Album Reviews: ‘ROSA’ by Yamanaka Chihiro


 The kind of music I want to listen to changes depending on the situation. I mainly listen to J-pop when I’m on my way to somewhere. It definitely lift my spirits. However I tend to listen to foreign music or jazz occasionally when I enjoy some alcohol at night to be relaxed.  

山中千尋 Live In New York ~So Long~


 Actually, I don’t know about jazz so much and one of my best friends sends me a CD as a present every year. This year it was an album by a Japanese, beautiful female pianist. The pianist is Yamanaka Chihiro and the title of the album is ‘ROSA’.    



  • アーティスト:山中千尋
  • 発売日: 2020/06/24
  • メディア: CD

01 マイ・フェイヴァリット・シングス My Favorite Things(Richard Rodgers)
02 フォーリング・グレイス Falling Grace(Steve Swallow)
03 ピアノ・ソナタ 第8番 第3楽章 Sonata No.8 Third movement(L.V. Beethoven)
04 ドナ・リー Donna Lee(Charlie Parker)
05 オールド・フォークス Old Folks(Willard Robinson)
06 ローザ Rosa(Chihiro Yamanaka)
07 テイク・ラヴ・イージー Take Love Easy(Duke Ellington)
08 交響曲 第5番(ベートーヴェン)Symphony No. 5(L.V. Beethoven)
09 ヤードバード組曲 Yardbird Suite(Carlie Parker)
10 サムデイ・サムウェア Someday Somewhere(Chihiro Yamanaka) 


 In addition to some jazz standards which are famous enough that even I know, you can see a jazz version of Beethoven’s fifth symphony, this year marks the 250th anniversary of his birth, and a couple of songs written by Yamanaka. It is difficult for me to evaluate how good her performance is, but I can feel the tenderness which hugs me gently from the sound of her piano. It soothes me a lot. I drink bourbon whiskey a lot in spite of myself. This album has a DVD so you can enjoy it, too.