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捕虜収容所の物語:「キング・ラット」ジェームズ・クラベル著 A story of a POW camp: “KING RAT” by James Clavell


 I make a point of reading original works in order to improve my English skills. The other day, my Canadian friend, who is also my English teacher, lent me a book. The book called “KING RAT” was written by James Clavell, an British author. 

King Rat (Asian Saga)

King Rat (Asian Saga)



  The beginning part of the preface is as follows.


 “Changi was set like a pearl on the eastern tip of Singapore Island, iridescent under the bowl of tropical skies, It stood on a slight rise and around it was a belt of green, and farther off the green gave away to the blue-green seas and the seas to infinity of horizon.

 Closer, Changi lost its beauty and became what it was –-- an obscene forbidding prison. Cell-Blocks surrounded by sunbaked courtyards surrounded by towering walls.

 Inside the walls, inside the cell-blocks, storey on storey, were cells for two thousand prisoners at capacity. Now, in the cells and in the passageways and in every nook and cranny lived some eight thousand men. English and Australian mostly –--a few New Zealanders and Canadians --- the remnants of the armed forces of the Far East Campaign…….”  


 My own translation is as follows.






 This story, which starts in this way, is about prisoners of war who were caught by Japanese army and imprisoned in the POW camp in Singapore.  “KING”  as in title is a person’s nickname. I’ve only read 50 pages or so out of about 300 pages, and now I’m getting into it.



 James Clavell, the author, was also a prisoner of war during World War Ⅱso he experienced the life in a Japanese camp. He is known as the author of “Shogun”, which is a novel set in the Warring States period, and famous as a scenario writer of the film “The Great Escape”.

 It seems like there’s no Japanese version of this book as far as I know. I’d like to talk about how this story goes sometimes while reading it.