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予習が必要な映画 「ペンタゴン・ペーパーズ」:“The Post” A movie which requires some knowledge beforehand


 I saw a movie called “The Post” which was talked about a lot among people last year, and it was free of charge on Amazon Prime. Actually, I had thought that it might be a boring one before I saw it. Apart from the gorgeousness that it was directed by Steven Spielberg and the starred Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, I was afraid that it would be serious rather than exciting to me because I had heard beforehand it was a historical political thriller drama.



 My impression after watching it was that I might have enjoyed it a lot more if I were an American and also knew more about American history. Actually I am a Japanese and I don’t know the history of the U.S.A. so much, so I should have done preparation in order to enjoy this movie heartily. If you really want to enjoy it, you should know how Americans felt about the Vietnam War in the early seventies, what the political situation under President Nixon was like, and the principles or the ratings of some newspaper companies like The New York Times, The Washington Post and so on.  



 It is obvious that the U.S.A. was defeated in the Vietnam War, and it seems difficult to define even the beginning of the war. They had continued a fruitless struggle in which the precious lives of many young people were consumed meaninglessly in an unknown country overseas before they were aware of it. Besides, the ambiguous goal of preventing communism from expanding must not have been enough for them to feel a sense of justice about the war. As the appropriateness of continuing the war became a big problem, the Pentagon Papers was uncovered and it revealed the fact that the government itself had already denied the appropriateness of the war. The Nixon government desperately tried, of course, to stop the media from publishing the papers, however, despite the pressure, The Washington Post took the plunge into publishing it.

 At the end of this movie, a tiny episode, which led to the most scandalous event in American history called the Watergate affair, was depicted before the credit roll. Actually, I didn’t know this episode so I checked it out after watching the movie. Somehow I was frustrated because I couldn’t enjoy many things just at the right time.