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毎週金曜の楽しみ 「全力!脱力タイムズ」: A diversion every Friday night “Zenryoku! Datsuryoku Times”



 It’s a forty-minute TV program and I giggle all the time and burst out laughing sometimes. I’m sure many people love the TV program called “Zenryoku! Datsuryoku Times” broadcast by Fuji TV at 11p.m. every Friday night. It features experts called “Zenryoku Commentator” and invites two guest commentators, the one is a comedian and the other is a star, to discuss thoroughly playfully on serious-looking themes.



  This TV program takes the form of a news commentary program, but it is actually a totally new type of comedy program. All of the people, the anchor, the assistant, the commentators, and even the staff try to play funny guys, and only the guest comedian try to play the straight man so I feel this form itself makes audience laugh so much. There should be a good script, I guess, but it seems that the guest comedians are given the false script. It depends on the comedian’s skills how much the program could be funny. Sometimes I become a fan of a comedian who I haven’t been interested in so far through coming to know how funny the comedian is.



 This time, on February 1st, it featured Nomura Mansai, who is a Noh actor, as a commentator and I was sure that it showed a complete version of the program as a comedy one. I kept laughing fully for forty-minute. Every one of them, not only commentators but also the anchor Arita, tries to appeal desperately, obsequiously to Nomura, who was assigned to a general director of the both opening and closing ceremony for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, showing their intention to appear on the ceremonies. Eventually the guest star Matsumoto, from Exile, also appealed with a video, in which he conducted a man-on-the-street interview, even though he had been critical to the others’ fawning. The most hilarious part for me was the person who Nomura was finally interested in most was Koume Dayu, who appeared at the last minute. The comedian who was invited as a guest commentator was Hirako Yuki, one guy of the pair of comedian called Aruko & Peace and he did a really good job. I’m looking forward to next week, too.