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何でこんなに好きなのか 「ワカコ酒」:I don’t know why I love this TV drama so much



 The season 4 of “Wakako Zake” has started . This TV drama could be taken as the female version of “Kodoku no Gourmet”. Either is so good that I can’t decide which drama is better.

『ワカコ酒』 web初出し映像|BSジャパン


 Murasaki Wakako played by Takeda Rina is twenty-six years old, and she is a female office worker who enjoys drinking alone every night. There is a tavern named “Araku” which is her favorite one, but she is brave enough to enter any drinking place if she is interested in to savor tasty drinks and dishes. Her way of eating is as attractive as Goro’s who is the main character of “Kodoku no Gourmet”. Plus, the BGM is also as good as “Kodoku no Gourmet”, the more she drinks, the more the audience get carried away by the music. I tend to be so absorbed in watching at her drinking that I almost breathe out with the sound “pshhhh!”, the specialty of this drama, at the same time when she does so.  



 There is another thing that I love about this drama, and that is the ending theme titled “Hoshitachi no Moment”. This song which is sung by Ueno Yuuka has been the ending theme of this drama since the season 1. Whenever I hear this ending theme I somehow feel a wistful pang even though I've just watched the main character drinking and eating.

 “Kodoku no Gourmet” is available on Amazon Prime for free, but this drama is not, not available even for a charge. On top of that, this drama is broadcast on only BS, so I feel frustrated because I can only use terrestrial channel. You can rent the DVD of this drama from the season 1 to 3, and now I’m very looking forward to the DVD of Season 4 to be released.