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異色すぎるコラボ 川谷絵音×コレサワ×加藤茶×ROLLY×ウエノコウジ 「あっちゅーまやねん 人生」:it’s an unexpected collaboration of musicians


 This is an enjoyable chaos of different types of musicians. A band was produced in a project for new adults of this year planned by a company called Sagami Original. This band is made up of four members, Koresawa(Vo), Kato Cha(Dr), ROLLY(Gt) and Ueno Koji(Ba). I’m a fan of Koresawa so the mere fact that she is the vocalist of the band makes me interested in it very much, but I can’t even imagine how the members were chosen.


 彼らが歌う,新成人へのメッセージソング「あっちゅーまやねん 人生」の作詞作曲はゲスの極み乙女川谷絵音さんです。こんなに豪華でいかがわしいコラボがあったでしょうか。公開されたビデオは,顔出しNGのコレサワさんの顔部分に20名もの有名人の顔をあてはめて思い切り遊んでいますが,これも楽しいのか気持ちワルいのかちょっと判断がつきかねます。


 Their song titled “Attyu ma yanen jinsei”, which is for new adults, was both composed and written by Kawatani Enon who is the vocalist of Gesu no Kiwami Otome. I’ve never heard such a gorgeous but also fishy collaboration. In the music video, faces of celebrities, up to twenty of them, were playfully used in turn as the face of Koresawa who are supposed not to show her face, I can’t decide whether it is enjoyable or just gross.

 There is one thing I can say with some confidence; this song is really good. It starts with vocal part immediately, and is full of catchy melody and a feeling of velocity so listeners would be into it soon enough. I’m sure that you would smile when you see Katochan’s performance as a drummer is as good as his gags he tossed off in the best days of Drifters, which is the comedy group he belongs to.