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今ハマっているアルバム ヤバイTシャツ屋さん「Tank-top Festival in Japan」: Albums I’m into now

 どうしようもなく,楽しいアルバムです。昨年末12月19日にリリースされた,ヤバイTシャツ屋さんの3rdアルバム「Tank-top Festival in Japan」,とっても気に入っています。収録されている13曲中5曲は,シングルですでに聴いていましたが,アルバムの中での配置がよくできているせいか,全て新鮮に聞こえます。つんのめるように進行していく楽曲の勢い,また,たたみかけてくるコーラスや合いの手の気持ちよさに,意味もなく走り出したくなるほどです。

 This is somewhat really hilarious. Yabai T shirt Ya San’s 3rd album “Tank-top Festival in Japan” which is released in December 19th is one of my favorite albums now. I’ve already known five songs out of thirteen which are contained in this album through singles, but I can enjoy all the songs as if all of them are new ones probably due to the well-thought-out arrangement of the songs. The momentum of tunes that is almost pitching forward, or the rapid-fire chorus and interjections makes me feel so good and I somehow feel an urge to run around.

【全曲トレーラー】ヤバイTシャツ屋さん 3rd FULL ALBUM「Tank-top Festival in JAPAN」



 Words of every song are so playful that they make me giggles all the time. They have “T shirt” in band’s name but they sing about “tank top” as they’ve done, and they put “Bomber” to the word “dosue”, a Kyoto dialect which somehow sounds humorous, then they sing emotionally about a pair of shoes which has rollers under their heels as if it is a social problem. The one most hilarious for me is the sixth song titled “Otona no Jijyo”, a fantastic ballad with words which explain the reason why they had to give up a song to be contained in this album even though the song was already recorded. If their songs are merely comical, I’m sure I could get tired of them after listening just several times, but actually the quality of their songs is really high so I listen to them more, the more I get into them.

 This year, I hope they can appear on Kohaku Utagssen, but at the same time I hope they wouldn’t lose their student-like atmosphere, in this sense, they are a somewhat rare band.   

Tank-top Festival in JAPAN(初回限定盤)(DVD付)

Tank-top Festival in JAPAN(初回限定盤)(DVD付)