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TV dramas I loved: 星野源さん出演「11人もいる」


 It was a TV drama titled “11 Nin mo Iru”, broadcast by TV ASAHI in 2011, that I recognized Hoshino Gen as an actor for the first time. This drama was written by Kudo Kankuro on the theme of the bonds of family and it was full of hilarity and tenderness.



 The eldest son of the Sanada family, a family of ten, spend all his time doing part-time jobs to support the family budget. His father Minoru, played by Tanabe Seiichi, is an unsuccessful photographer and his mother Megumi, played by Mitsuura Yasuko, runs a coffee shop named “Hi Damari” but there are few customers. Megumi, the second wife of Seiichi, is the mother of the fifth son Saigo, played by Kato Seishiro, and the former wife of Seiichi Megumi, the same name by chance, who is the mother of all others has died. One day, a ghost of a young woman wearing a negligee appears in front of Saigo, the youngest son. The ghost of Megumi, who somehow only Saigo can see it, can’t rest in peace because she is so worried about her sons and daughters.  


 As to Hoshino Gen, he played Kazuo’s uncle named Hiroyuki who was always made fun of for being a goof but also liked by everyone with the lovable character. In every episode, there was a scene in which he somehow played the guitar to sing a song and I really looked forward to listening to it because the words which he sang emotionally were very hilarious. I guess he had already released his first album by then, and I feel deeply moved when I realize he is one of the top artists now.

星野源 家族なんです 

11人もいる! DVD-BOX

11人もいる! DVD-BOX