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Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? NHK「LIFE」


 The comedy program “LIFE” is still broadcast irregularly by NHK, I tend to look back on the days Hoshino Gen appeared with nostalgia. I like him as a singer or an actor, but he showed his great sense of humor as a comedian in this program. The best comedy performed by Hoshino Gen was the one called “Gorillan X”. it was a story about a young guy who was kidnapped and almost transformed into an monster called Gorillan X by an evil underground organization, the conversation between Ken Toma, played by Hoshino, and Dr. Morgan, played by Uchimura, were really hilarious.




 Other comedies played by other regular members were also funny. The one I loved best was a comedy played by Tanaka, one of the pair of the comedian “Kokoriko”, and he played a professor of Biology who discovered a new variety of stinkbug. The discovery was a kind of worldwide fame so the professor and his students were overjoyed but one of the students began to say that he remembered the stink of the bug. Then they began to notice the stink is the same as the smell of the professor’s nape so the professor’s facial expression grew dark despite the discovery of the century, and finally a girl student came and shouted “Oh no, give me a break! I can’t stand this stink of all smells!” repeatedly to spoil everything.  

 Now that Hoshino Gen became a big name, I know everything can’t be the same as before, but I hope they can make the program with the old regular member even once in a while.