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The movie deserves its popularity: 人気があって当たり前「ボヘミアン・ラプソディ」


 I know it’s something after all this time but I went to a theater to see the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”. As to the band Queen, I had no strong feelings about them one way or the other. Even I who felt like that could enjoy this movie very much so I’m sure that it must be a really good movie.It is quite difficult for me to imagine how someone who is really a fan of them would be delighted to see this movie which even I who is not a fan can enjoy so much.   



  If I put the story of this movie plainly, it is a success story depicting the glory and grief of a musician who is not a Caucasian and is a homosexual. My image of the movies which try to depict someone’s life is that they tend to be able to show just the outline of the life. I can say this movie succeeded in that point because I was really satisfied when I finished to see it. Actually, I cried when I saw Freddie Mercury standing on the stage of “Live Aid” at the ending of this movie. The script is so good that the audience can deeply be attached to the main character through the twists and turns he experiences. The disputes and discord between Freddie and his family members or the band members, and the bond firmly fixed after those problems are described so well in a way that affects the emotion of the audience.



  This movie is not a movie which only depicts the life of Freddie Mercury, it can be said that this is a series of videos about the making of the songs released by the great rock band, Queen. You can enjoy each song with the episodes which could be interesting even for someone who is not a big fan of Queen, thinking like this song was produced through such things or that thing had happened behind that songs and so on. The most songs which are used in this movies are quite familiar even for me who didn’t listened to their songs properly, and it was unbelievably so good to listened to them with the excellent acoustic equipment in the movie theater.

 Now, I can understand why this movie is so popular. It surely is a good movie which is worth watching. 

Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack)

Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack)