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I’m wondering about it: 顔出しNGのアーティスト



 For the last few years, I have an impression that some sort of artists who doesn’t show their faces on the media have increased, like Koresawa who I mentioned last time about her live concert.

 I don’t know what ACAne is like at all, she belongs to Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni, hereinafter referred to as ZutoMayo, the band I also mentioned a few times before. In addition to them, there are many other artists who won’t show their faces on the media such as Lovely Summer Chan, Cider Girl and so on.  

ラブリーサマーちゃん - 「あなたは煙草 私はシャボン」Music Video (11/2 メジャーデビューアルバム「LSC」全曲プチ試聴付き)

サイダーガール”サテライト”Music Video


 I’m sure that strategically not showing their faces could have a positive effect on getting popular temporarily. In fact, I am attracted by ZutoMayo due to their mysteriousness. The songs of the artists I mentioned above are really good, so there is no doubt about but they have great skills. Even so, I sometimes feel that they should be more popular than they are now or taken up by the media more.


  When I went to Koresawa’s live concert, there was one thing I clearly felt then, it was the fact that I come to like her all the more as a singer by seeing her true face. it was not that she was a good looking girl or so cute, the point was that I just wanted to enjoy her face, I mean, expressions on her face when she was singing. It is definitely not that I want her to appear on the media showing her face. It can be said that it is a good strategy if only the audience who actually goes to her live concert can see her true face. ZutoMayo is going to have a live concert in January, too, I really envy the people who can go to the concert. I’m a bit frustrated wondering whether they don’t have some strategies that they can make someone who can’t go to the concert feel their attractiveness of their true face.