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I found a drama quite good: よいドラマでは? 高畑充希さん主演「忘却のサチコ」



 I’m really curious about a drama titled “Boukyaku no Sachiko” broadcast by TV Tokyo since October, but they don’t in Nagasaki so I feel really frustrated now. On Amazon Prime, you can watch the special episode of the drama which was on the air at the New year holidays this year, and I watched and found it quite good. I’ve originally loved “Kodoku no Gourmet” or “Wakako  Zake”, so I’m really glad to know that there comes a new drama of the same sort.  


 This special episode starts with a scene of Sachiko’s, who is played by Takahata Mitsuki, wedding reception. Sachiko should be the bride but the groom sneaks out on her in the middle of the ceremony. Since then, Sachiko, who is an editor of a literary magazine, can’t forget him even for a moment. After a couple of days, she is amazed by the tastiness of a miso flavored boiled mackerel set meal which she has at a restaurant. She eventually finds herself being able to forget him during the time she eats something tasty…….




 The second meal she was absorbed in eating in the special episode was “Turkey-Rice”, a specialty in Nagasaki. I love this meal which can be said to be a kiddies’s lunch for an adult and that’s why I use it as the name and the profile picture in this blog.

 I’m looking forward to watching the serial version which is currently broadcast sometime in the future.