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Albums I’m into now: 今ハマっているアルバム 吉澤嘉代子さん「女優姉妹」


 It is just my own impression that the major fans of Yoshizawa Kayoko are probably female. When I think of “Nokotteru” which now can be said to be her representative of all her works, I feel, to be honest, that there are many songs better than it, maybe that’s because I’m a man so I can’t see it from the viewpoint of women. Her 4th album “Jyoyu Shimai” which was released on November 7th was made especially for women, I guess.

吉澤嘉代子「女優」MUSIC VIDEO



Maybe due to this impression, it took for a while for me to come to like this album, but now I’m sure this album is really good. The elusiveness of her songs that I’ve ever felt about her songs is settled in a better way here. Each song is something that doesn’t belong to any genre so it has a free atmosphere, but it clearly has a pleasing unity. So I don’t want to choose take one song out and listen to it with other artist’s songs. The song I love best of all them is “Getsuyobi Senso”. It is so catchy that I listen to it again and again.

 This is an album that everyone, no matter who is he or she, can enjoy.

吉澤嘉代子「月曜日戦争」MUSIC VIDEO

吉澤嘉代子「女優」MUSIC VIDEO 

女優姉妹 (初回限定盤)

女優姉妹 (初回限定盤)