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Works that never fade: 色あせない面白さ 「ヒゲのOL 薮内笹子」しりあがり寿著



 しりあがり寿さんによるサラリーマン三部作の一つに,髭を生やしたOLを主役にした作品があります。「ヒゲのOL 薮内笹子」です。女にしてふさふさとした口髭をたくわえているというだけで,もう心がざわつきますが,その理由でさらにワクワクします。笹子は,真実の愛を見つけるまで,髭をそらないと心に決めているのでした。

 There is a work featuring a female office worker wearing a mustache and this work is one of the salaryman trilogy by Shiriagari Kotobuki. The title of it is “Hige no OL Yabuuchi Sasako”. The mere fact that she wears an abundant mustache despite a woman stirs my heart, plus the reason why she does so makes me excited. She decided she won’t shave her mustache until she finds her true love.




 Yabuuchi Sasako is a female office worker in Tokyo and she spends every day struggling to discover what true love is. Sasako, who tends to love or hate someone excessively and have the ability to act, sometimes runs wild because she pursues the true love too seriously. She appears on a mixed party, which someone invited her to even up the numbers to, in a court costume like a queen, and she commits serial bombings of statues of naked men and women which are placed in front of train stations, on top of that, she goes on a trip for a hot spring with her boss who has a wife and a kid having a crush on him.

 Shiriagari Kotobuki who changes his style depending on works drew this work, which was full of perverted love, with a playful, eccentric style.


 In fact, there is another work titled “Juliana’s old guy” in the second half of this comic book. A guy of early old age has a crush on a young lady called Juliana’s Kintaro lady, this story is about the love of them and the troubles caused by them. The characteristic humor of Shiriagari Kotobuki was somehow subdued as much as possible in this story and it was full of the atmosphere of the roaring bubble era and a wistful pang. 

ヒゲのOL薮内笹子 (Bamboo comics)

ヒゲのOL薮内笹子 (Bamboo comics)