A TV drama that makes me feel like watching: ちゃんとノレるドラマ 「獣になれない私たち」



 I found a drama which makes me feel like looking forward to the next episode among the dramas having started this season. The drama is titled “Kemono ni Narenai Watashitachi” broadcast at 10 p.m. on every Wednesday featuring Aragaki Yui and Matsuda Ryuhei.


 Shinkai Akira played by Aragaki is a sales assistant for an EC site company. Because of the difficult personality of the president who drives his men hard and hurls insults at them if things don’t go as he wishes, and he sends business messages all the time even on weekends or late at night, great talents can’t stay at his company. Employees who couldn’t leave the company are not really competent so Akira, just an assistant, who is always doing good job and quite considerate is pressed with jobs like giving presentations, meeting with clients, and mediating between clients and SEs, all of which should be done by sales staff, to end up having her nerves worn down and being exhausted every day. Akira keeps her emotions in check and does desperately all the work, but the hasty president keeps sending messages of reprimand, far from showing appreciation for her hard work, and other employees try to make her clean up their own mess, or a client asks her to prostrate and sends an almost sexual harassment messages so she is driven into a corner…….


  I wonder what the beast is like here, and I guess it is like a person who revealed his or her real feeling or emotion after pretending for a long time. The first episode perfectly succeeded in the most important point that it made people feel empathy with Akira through describing carefully twists and turns she experienced until the beast in her finally showed up. A capable accountant named Nemoto Kosei who Akira meets at her favorite craft beer bar is played by Matsuda Ryuhei, and this character also makes me feel that he has a dangerous beast under his easygoing surface. I’m already burning with anticipation when I think of how these two characters will interact with each other.