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The album even better than I expected: 期待を超えたアルバム ずっと真夜中でいいのに。 ミニアルバム 「正しい偽りからの起床」



 When the expectation is too much, it is quite difficult to live up to it. However, the first mini album of Zutto Mayonaka de Iinoni which was released after thorough preparations was really good, even much better than I expected. ACAne who is the singer and the song writer of the band seems to have infinite talent. The contents of the mini album are as follows.

01. 秒針を噛む
02. ヒューマノイド
03. サターン
04. 雲丹と栗
05. 脳裏上のクラッカー
06. 君がいて水になる


【期間限定公開】ずっと真夜中でいいのに。1st miniAL『正しい偽りからの起床』2018.11.14 発売 全曲ダイジェスト


 Except for the three songs that was already released, other three songs, “Saturn”, “Uni to Kuri” and “Kimi ga Ite Mizu ni Naru”, were totally new to me. “Saturn” which starts with rather quiet atmosphere but dramatically reaches a climax, “Uni to Kuri” whose introduction is so cute and the lyrics are also adorable, and “Kimi ga Ite Mizu ni Naru” which has somewhat impressive phrase played with bass and keyboard followed by melodies with adult-oriented atmosphere, each of them gives totally different impression. Something common among them is that they have rather unpredictable development and the climax of the songs are really catchy and haunting. ACAne’s voice which sounds rather boyish has great stability no matter when she is whispering or howling at the top of her voice.


 Despite the mini album, it is somewhat consummate and makes me feel infinite possibility of the band. It is so good that I’d like to even compare it with “Muzai Moratorium”, Shiina Ringo’s first album.