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Works that never fade: 色あせない面白さ 「流星課長」しりあがり寿著


 Shiriagari Kotobuki the cartoonist I mentioned before published three works called the salaryman trilogy.  He himself worked as a salaryman for Kirin Beer doing package designs, so he created salaryman characters who were typical of Japanese salarymen blending comedy and tragedy in the story. The manga I brought up here is called “Ryusei Kacho”. It’s a story about a mid-level manager who always sits on the train without fail on his way home.



 I find it humorous when I see he stakes his life on just sitting on the train when he goes back home, and he toughens the body and even devises techniques to sit on the train. Plus, incredibly strong opponents appear competing with him for vacant seats, so the excitement won’t stop.




 Now I enumerate some opponent characters, Andrei Itudemo Swarkopf who was sent by the USSR to achieve perestroika in commuting, a seat-take-robot named “Masaru” which was developed by a company, and “The dark and evil chief clerk” who doesn’t care about hurting other people in taking a seat, these characters make me feel like laughing and somehow also crying because each character has its own personality and pathetic history or background.

 I deeply felt that sorrow and humor might be the oposite side of the same coin.