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I read the original version: 原作読んじゃいました 「A Game of Thrones(七王国の玉座) 上・下巻」ジョージ・R・R・マーティン著


 I’m wondering how a person’s imagination can establish this huge world. I feel it’s my first time to come across such a large-scale and consistent work like this as a created story.


 I was into the TV drama“Game of thrones” first, but I couldn’t be satisfied enough with it, so I read the original books. The work in two volumes is the one which the 1st season of the TV drama is based on. First, I was impressed with how the drama was really true to the book. At the same time, I could understand what I hadn’t understood through the drama. Above all, I admired the author’s skills which made me feel as if I were reading a story based on historical fact even though it’s perfectly a fiction.   

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌1)

七王国の玉座〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌1)




 I’m rather conservative so I love monumental multivolume works like the Water Margin, Les Misérables and so on. As for those works, the story or characters are perfectly fictional but the settings or backgrounds are really existent. However, this fantasy is totally fictional, and yet I’m wondering why I have a feeling of reality about it.

 The rest of this story is written as a series of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, so I can still enjoy this fantasy.

 I’m really glad to have met this great work.   

王狼たちの戦旗〔改訂新版〕 (上) (氷と炎の歌2)
王狼たちの戦旗〔改訂新版〕 (下) (氷と炎の歌2)