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色あせない面白さ 「少年マーケッター五郎」しりあがり寿著:Works that never fade “Shonen Marketer Goro” by Shiriagari Kotobuki


 This is the last volume of the salaryman trilogy. The main character is an elementary school boy called Goro who is a genius in marketing, and he earned his MBA degree from M.I.T at the young age of 10.



 Many clients visit Goro’s office every day to consult him about their product development. Goro always takes them aback because he comes up with epoch-making ideas as soon as he listens to them. The items he offers them are, for example, a golf club which has all kinds of head and even a can opener on a shaft, an electric shaver called “Denki Higenori” which is a dreamy one for salarymen who grudge the time, and a racing type rice-planting machine which might be able to solve Japanese agricultural problems. These products are something utterly absurd beyond the bounds of common sense so I can’t stop giggling while reading this comic.





 In the second half of this volume, you can see various types of short pieces which has a wide range of contents from the story about salarymen to historical ones. They are superb as gag comics so I can’t stop laughing. The one especially I like is a piece called “Shanai Bungo” which is a story about a guy who put together a proposal, which should be concise, in 30 volumes of books to read out loud in a meeting. Another piece I like very much is called “Oie Danzetsu Waratte Yurushite”, depicting a gag battle of attack and defence between a Shogun, who tries to extinguish a lord’s family line, and the lord. Shiriagari’s styles are varied and some of them look like other cartoonist's style such as Kontaro who publidhed “Ichi Ni no Ahho”, Yokoyama Mitsuteru who published “Tetsujin 28 Go”, and Saito Takao who created “Golgo 13”. I’m overwhelmed by his perfectly playful and free style. This comic was published in 1996, but I sometimes enjoy it, even now.





少年マーケッター五郎 (Bamboo comics)

少年マーケッター五郎 (Bamboo comics)