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Works that never fade: 色あせない面白さ 「カモン!恐怖」しりあがり寿著



 A four-frame comic titled “Chikyuu Boueike no Hitobito” is serialized in Asahi News Paper. This work which has somewhat warm atmosphere but being filled with satire and wit is illustrated by Shiriagari Kotobuki.

 In the 90th, there must have been many people who were always looking forward to reading his gag comics because of the sharp-edged wit it had. I remember some of his works, for example, “Shonen marketer Goro”, “Hige no OL Yabuuchi Sasako” and so on, and it is difficult for me to say which one is the best. However, “Come on Kyofu” is very eccentric one for me of all his works.   




 It’s strange, but for some reason or other such bizarre phenomena which make people shiver as premonition dreams,poltergeists, being paralyzed during sleep, spirit photographs turn into something palatably humorous when Shiriagri Kotobuki depicts them. A commentary located at the back of the book was written by Kyogoku Natsuhiko.  A passage in the commentary which says “Shiriagari’s manga is always affectionate” somehow sounds convincing to me. Something mysterious like ghosts, evil spirits or devils can be turned into something fishy when you look at them from a different viewpoint. If you look at them affectionately, they could be something humorous, but if you look down on them, they are something contemptible or ignorable.

 I wanted to read it again after a long time so I bought it on Amazon. I was surprised at the price, it only cost 1 yen. I felt that we are living in a great era where we can get something infinitely valuable with one yen soon enough. 

カモン!恐怖 (ちくま文庫)

カモン!恐怖 (ちくま文庫)