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Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界⑧「うちのママが言うことには」


 While she was publishing “Reizoko ni Pineapple Pie” which I mentioned in this blog before, Iwadate Mariko started another serial titled “Uchi no Mama ga Iukotoniwa”. This work which was published in a magazine “Young You” described an engaged young couple, Kitakaze Keito and Amanatsu Eitaro, who were wavering with their marriage in sight.



 KItakaze Keito, a female office worker, grew up in rather rich family as the youngest of 5 siblings. Her lover Amanatsu Eitaro is an editor of a publisher and he lost his parent when he was young so he was brought up in a relative’s place with his sister. They’ve been going out together for several years, but they begin to feel some differences between each one’s prospects about the future of themselves after their marriage so they also feel puzzlement now. In the meantime, Eitaro goes to Keito’s parent’s house to receive permission to marry her but her family strongly oppose their marriage. The situation just adds fuel to the fire, they firmly made up their mind to get married, but......




 The fantastic atmosphere which was seen when she serialized her works in Weekly Margaret somehow vanished, and what is depicted here is young people’s hesitation or puzzlement they feel in the face of the real problem. This work is the longest one among her works, and actually, it ends up unfinished.

 I keep hoping that I can read the rest of the story some day.