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大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界⑩「子供はなんでも知っている」:Where is the world I loved before?



 Iwadate Mariko originally serialized her works in “Weekly Margaret” first, then in “Young You”, but she published this work “Kodomo wa Nandemo Shitte Iru” in “Bouquet” from Shueisha, the same publishing company. The first volume of this comics was published in 1990, and it was a period of her life when she also published “Uchi no Mama ga Iukotoniwa” and “Reizoko ni Pineapple Pie”, so it was quite difficult to imagine how she was busy at that time. 



 Sara and Tota, who become a sister and a brother in law due to their parent’s marriage, are both sixteen and also classmates in the same high school.  Sara’s mom and Tota’s dad try to make them hit it off well with each other but actually, Sara and Tota had gone out with each other until they broke up a year ago and their parents just didn’t know the fact. Living in the same house, they guess how the other is feeling and know that they are still in love with each other so they end up spending their days frustrated under the situation they were placed in by their parents.



 This is a work that depicts well the wavering mentality of a young couple in a subtle situation like how they have complaints to the adults around them and the feeling of anxiety to their future or the distrust to each other. I can see the characteristic humor which is an essential part of Iwadate’s works in some situations, for example, the conflicts between Sara who is quite selfish and Tota who can’t deal with her, and the way how their parents are disturbed by Sara and Tota.

 I really want to enjoy the Iwadate’s world, which makes me feel affection for the character’s expressions or lines in each frame, in her new work.