Where is the world I loved before? : 大好きだったあの世界は今? 岩館真理子の世界⑦「冷蔵庫にパイナップル・パイ」



 Iwadate Mariko’s last work in Weekly Margaret was “Gobangai wo Aruko” which I took up in this blog before but, actually, a new serial publication had already started simultaneously in a magazine called Young You published by Syueisha which is also the publisher of Weekly Margaret. The work is “Reizouko ni Pineapple Pie”. The story which is an adorable complete short one with only four pages could be said to be a mild gag comic rather than comedy because it is extremely hilarious.




 All the characters who appear in this story, including the main character Yaya, are ill-proportioned. The only well-proportioned character is a pianist named Kent who apparently symbolizes the fantastic beauty of Iwadate’s world, and his very existence highlights the gap with the other world, including Yaya, around him, to generate the exhilarating humors. I feel that the laughter which is produced in the friction between common things and admirable ideals is incomparable with anything else.

 I really want to enjoy such lovable humors in Iwadate’s new works.