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Songs cover version but really good: カバーだけどいい曲 Suss von Ahn(スス・フォン・アーン) “For Once in My Life”


 For some reason, the song I love most among Stevie Wonder’s many great songs is “For once in my life”. It’s really catchy and the words are a bit wistful, and it also makes you feel the innocent, cheerful mood of Motown in its golden age. The original version is so good that you don’t feel like listening to cover version because there won’t be nothing new in it. However, I was amazed when I heard the cover version of this song by Suss von Ahn.

Suss Von Ahn - For Once In My Life



 Some aspects different from the original version, for example, it is sung by a woman, or it is of a jazz version, could be the reason why it is so good. Her version of “For once in my life” sounds so clear and cool but it also has the same warmth as the original one so it really touches. I somehow feel this song goes well with autumn.

 Suss von Ahn is a Swedish jazz singer. I was excited when I knew that there were good Swedish pieces of music in addition to Swedish pop music which was so popular in the 90’s. 




Stevie Wonder - For Once In My Life