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Bands that I like now : わりと好きなバンド Official髭男dism


 I was interested in a song titled “No doubt” which was the main theme of a drama “Confidence Man JP”. With the cool introduction where the sounds of the piano and the bass are running down fast, this song seemed to really go well with the atmosphere of the drama. The band who plays the song is “Official ’Hige Dan’dism”. I checked it out on You Tube to come to like their sound so I bought the song on Amazon.

Official髭男dism - ノーダウト[Official Video]



 I tried to listen to other sample songs as much as possible. I found some songs quite good, for example, “Let’s fight over whether dogs or cats till death”, “ESCAPADE” and so on. The wild, manly atmosphere I felt to “No doubt” isn’t there so much in other songs, but the band’s skills shine in the arrangements and the catchy melodies in them, too. It is a band of four males but no one seems to wear beard.

 I’m happy to meet such a good band.