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Good cocktails in my favorite bar: 美味しいカクテル 「キッス・オブ・ファイア 'Kiss of Fire'」


 It’s really enjoyable to look at the menu in France-Ya. You can call it a booklet because it has some pages and I was amazed how many cocktails were in it when I saw it for the first time. Then, I was excited about the names of cocktails so I wanted to taste them all and I decided to give it a try from the top of the first page. Actually, the attempt somehow ended in failure, but even now I always consult the menu to order a cocktail which I’m attracted.



 The one I had the other day was a cocktail with a name that made my heart somehow stirred up. The name of the cocktail was “Kiss of Fire”. This cocktail whose name sounds as if it were a title of a Hollywood movie is, actually, from Japan. It is a short drink made with the same amount of vodka, dry vermouth and Sloe Gin, plus a few drops of lemon juice. There is something white on the rim of the glass, it is powdered sugar. With this beautiful appearance, it makes you want to have it badly.


 Once you put your lips on the glass, you feel the sweetness of the powdered sugar first, then comes unexpectedly clear taste in your mouth, and finally you feel the passionate flames of vodka in your throat. I’m sure It makes me blush every time to order this cocktail, but I want to have it now and then.