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A way of drinking spirits I haven’t known : 初めて知ったウイスキーの飲み方 「トワイスアップ」


 I always enjoy Islay whisky on the rocks, but the other day, the bartender of France Ya told me a new way of drinking whisky. It’s called “twice up”. You pour some whisky into a glass first, then you add the same amount of natural water to it. The so-called "whisky and water" is something using some ice and more than two parts of water, comparing with this way, twice up enable you to enjoy the original flavor of the whisky to the last drop.  Murakami Haruki wrote that people in island Islay drink whisky adding some water without exception in the book “What if our words are whiskey” which I mentioned in this blog before. I guess this way of drinking is more natural than drinking “neat”.  



 On the day I learned this way of drinking, a guy who is from Saitama and now living and working alone in Mexico sat next to me. He just ordered Ardbeg, a kind of Islay whisky, when I sat at the counter.  We had a lively conversation about Mexico like medical conditions, security, temperament of Mexicans and so on. I savored Laphroaig twice up very much. I hope I can see this guy again sometime in the future.