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Despite an old song, it’s still good to me : ロジャー・ニコルズ & ザ・スモール・サークル・オブ・フレンズ 「Love so fine」

 ソフトロックというジャンルについて語る知識は全くありませんが,その言葉を聞いてすぐに浮かぶアーチストやバンドがいくつかあります。その一つがロジャー・ニコルズ & ザ・スモール・サークル・オブ・フレンズです。「Love so fine」という曲を初めて聞いたときは,その爽やかさに衝撃を受けました。

 I don’t have any knowledge about the genre called soft rock. However, some artists or bands come into my mind at once when I hear the word. Roger Nichols and the Small Circle of Friends was a band which belonged to the genre. I was amazed by the refreshing sound of a song called “Love so fine” when I heard it. 

Love So Fine - Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends


 The generation who was thrilled with the word “sampling” was interested in the original source of some songs by The Flipper's Guitar or Pizzicato Five very much. This band was often seen in some articles about the source and it was introduced as a band categorized in a genre mysteriously called soft rock. Thankfully, I could reinterpret my favorite things with this concept of soft rock. I remember I was really pleased to aware the fact that many things I’d loved were actually related to each other, for example, some songs that I regarded merely oldies, The Carpenters, The Beach Boys and so on. It was not until after I began to aware this word that I realized again the greatness of Yamashita Tatsuro who has profound knowledge of soft rock.The band called Tradewinds which I mentioned in this blog before is also categorized as a soft rock quite often.