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TV programs I want them to restart : またやってほしいテレビ番組 「桑田佳祐の音楽寅さん~MUSIC TIGER」


 The other day, I mentioned a series of TV programs, which was broadcast several years ago, called “Kuwata Keisuke no Ongaku Torasan” in an article I wrote in this blog. With Kuwata’s characteristically sarcastic humor, this TV program introduced various kind of music to the audience in an original style and sometimes entertained us with some songs by Kuwata himself. I didn’t watch, unfortunately, the first season which started in 2000 at all, but I intently watched the second season started in 2009. Actually, I couldn’t get enough of it so I bought the DVD to enjoy it as much as I wanted. 



 The first program in the series assumed a faked memorial one for Kuwata and ended up receiving tremendous complaints. There are some programs that remained in my mind such as “Featuring folk songs in ’Folk Song Ramen Shop’” in which Kuwata playing a ramen-shop-owner wouldn’t fail to get a chance to sing songs while talking to customers and all the people tried to dance to them, or “Ginza Special where flowers of love in full bloom” in which Kuwata fell in love with a Hostess played by Koyuki in a bar in Ginza, and so on.  



 In fact, there was a program which wasn’t included in the DVD solely among twenty-one programs of the second season. The program was the third one titled “Soramimi Abbey Road”. That was really a shocking one because it featured a recital of Kuwata and he sang songs from the album “Abbey Road” by the Beatles with his original lyrics which was so sarcastic about political and financial conditions of Japan at that time. The lyrics sounds so similar to original ones as if it really were but actually not at all, and the lyrics were so bitter that I was not only worried about whether they are really all right to air such a controversial one but I can’t help feeling exhilarated so much.

  I really want them to restart this TV programs which made us feel thrilled and was perfectly free sometime in the future.