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The more I listen to it, the more I'm into it. : 聴けば聴くほど 椎名林檎トリビュートアルバム 「アダムとイヴの林檎」 再レビュー



 It’s been three weeks since I bought a tribute album “Adam to Eve no Ringo”. The more I listen to it, the more I want to mention about it. I just thought that a tribute album means all the songs in it are merely cover songs so I’ll never feel something new there, but actually I’m exhilarated and into them now. I found a marvel of combinations between vocalists and songs in the album, even though I was wondering what the result would be like from those unpredictable combinations, and now that I know how better they are than I thought, I can’t help feeling moved unstoppably.

theウラシマ’S - 正しい街 (椎名林檎トリビュート・アルバム『アダムとイヴの林檎』より)


 First of all, “Tadashii Machi” produced by Kameda and the vocalist is Kusano Masamune from Spitz, I used to listen to Spitz but I never even imagined that the vocalist would sing Ringo’s song, so I’m surprised to find this song ending up so good to listen to.


 The fifth song “Tsugou no Ii Karada” is sung by Tajima Takao from Original Love. The fact that a big name of so-called Shibuya-Kei covers so-called Shinjyuku-Kei’s song makes me impressed deeply. Actually I didn’t listen to Ringo’s original intently, but I’m realizing now it is so good.


 Some songs I was amazed even more were “Suberidai” by Miura Daichi and “Tsumi to Batsu” by AI, I had no interest them as singers before but now I know how attractive they are. An image Miura Daichi dancing comes to my mind when I listen to the song. I found that each of them has really fascinating voice.


 A characteristic of a good drama is, I believe, the charm of actors who appear in it are fully brought out. I somehow feel the same thing in this album. A good point of this album is maybe you can rediscover various singers’ charm it. However, I feel even more now is how good Ringo’s original songs are. In my opinion, the songs covered by other singers undergo a great change in a sense as if it were taken off or changed all the getup. The essence extracted there is kind of a physical beauty that you would find someone unexpectedly attractive when a person takes off the clothes. Now I want to listen to Shiina Ringo’s albums again.