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"How did you make out? " 007シリーズ「ダイヤモンドは永遠に」より

007/ダイヤモンドは永遠に (創元推理文庫 138-3)


 I've loved the movie series of 007 since I was a boy.  I grew dissatisfied with just seeing movies, I began to read all the original works published by Sougen suiri publisher's library and Hayakawa mystery publisher's library. All the translation was done by Mr. Inoue Kazuo and I also loved his style. Even so, I wanted to read the original works in English, and that is the main part of my motivation for learning English.  I still read this series repeatedly, and I'm actually rereading "Diamonds are Forever" right now. This work was written in 1956. The theme of the story is smuggling of Diamonds by an American gangster organization, and there is something amusing in what James Bond who usually worked in Europe had to go to the U.S. and also had to get used to American culture in fulfilling his duty watching what the culture is like from an Englinsh man's standpoint, and this makes the story different from other stories of the series. 

 今日読んだところで目に留まった表現は,”How did you make outという会話表現でした。日本語にすると「(~は)どうだった?」となるようです。発表会や試験を終えた人に対して出来具合の印象を尋ねるときに使われるカジュアルな表現だそうです。 ”How did it go?”, "How did you do"という基本的な表現と併せて覚えたいですね。

 A conversational expression which caught my attention today was ”How did you make out”, in Japanese maybe 「(~は)どうだった?」. This seems to be a casual phrase which is used when you wanted to ask someone who took some presentation or exam about how it was going. I'd like to learn this phrase with the other basic ones like ”How did it go?” or "How did you do".