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"That makes two of us" 映画「ナインスゲート」より



 The movie I saw on video today was "The Ninth Gate" starring Johnny Depp, directed by Roman Polanski in 1999.  Jonny Depp played a rare book dealer named Corso who lives in New York City, but he is a kind of con artist, cheating people into selling him valuable antique books at a low price and then sell them again to some collectors who buy them at a higher price. One day he was asked by a collector to check three copies of books which, it is said that they are the only three in the world, shows how to summon the Devil and also the means to acquire the immortal body and the eternal life. He takes the job, though reluctantly, he starts the investigation being involved in a lot of trouble. I'm afraid but, in my opinion, it was not my favorite movie.

 この映画の中で見つけた興味深いフレーズは”That makes two of us” でした。日本語では「私もです」,「私だって」となるようです。辞書では”I'm tired!” " That makes two of us"という例が載っていました。makeを使ったイディオムって本当に多いですよね。

 A phrase I found interesting in this movie was "That makes two of us". In Japanese, that means 「私もです」,「私だって」. I saw an example of the usage of this phrase as in ”I'm tired!” "That makes two of us". There are so many idioms using "make", aren't there?