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映画レビュー:レディ・プレイヤー1(2018)の感想① Movie Reviews: My impression of ‘Ready Player 1’(2018)①


 2 hours and 20 minutes passed in a flash. I watched it even twice. I enjoyed ‘Ready Player 1’, an American film released in 2018, on Amazon Prime Video for 299 yen. I was exhilarated with Kaneda motorbike from the very start.

「AKIRA」の金田バイクにデロリアンも登場? スピルバーグ監督の最新作「レディ・プレイヤー・ワン(原題)」最新映像公開


  This film starts with scenes of a slum in 2045. A boy called Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), the protagonist, is so tired of living in a shabby collective home that he always visits the virtual reality entertainment universe called the OASIS escaping from reality. The OASIS was co-created by James Halliday and Ogden Morrow. Halliday, the one who actually built up the system, already passed away with a will. He willed that the winner of the competition for the Golden Easter Egg will get the ownership of the OASIS, and what players have to do is accomplish three challenges. The first challenge is to complete a race. That day Wade takes part in the race as an avatar called Parzival driving his vehicle “Delorean” …….


 I’ve never used VR goggles. I’m not interested in video games very much in the first place. Although I loved arcade games so much that I used to think it’s OK to be left even in a desert with the Invader game, I’m not intrigued by home consoles. This is a movie that someone like me can enjoy a lot. The story in which the plot about real life and another plot about virtual reality are skillfully woven is quite complicated. Plus it is full of elements that intrigues subculture lovers. I’d like to mention the attractiveness of this movie next time, too. 



  • 発売日: 2018/06/27
  • メディア: Prime Video