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I enjoyed live music: ヤバTのライブ,ヤバかった! ヤバイTシャツ屋さん「とってもうれしいたけ」Tour in 長崎



 It was really awesome. The expression “death by crushing” occurred to me. It was my first experience to keep on sticking to each other with people around me for such a long time. Even the members of YabaT looked worried when they saw the audience too much heated up. The list of songs in this live concert was as follows.



 During “Melocore Band…” the audience squatted and jumped conventionally, and during “L・O・V・E towel” they whirled and shook their towels, so they were really carried away. I felt something hit my face and I saw someone’s ankle right in front of my eyes. I somehow took a so called “Diving”. At encore, the audience repeated “Motte Koi!” over and over because it was on the eve of Nagasaki Kunchi festival. The last song was “Party People” so I shouted “Shut! Shut!” as much as I want.


 MCも面白くって(もりもりもとさん,いじられまくり),本当に大満足のライブでした。会場は,FM長崎の地下にあるDRUM Be-7でした。人と自分の汗でびちょびちょのTシャツのまま,近くの中島川沿いを歩きました。夜風にあたりながら見た眼鏡橋がとてもきれいでした。

 The MC was also hilarious, Morimorimoto the drummer was made fun of a lot, so I was completely satisfied. The venue was Drum Be-7 which was on the basement of the FM Nagasaki building. I walked along the Nakashima River which flows near the venue wearing the sopping wet T shirt with sweat of both mine and people’s around me. The Megane Bridge was so beautiful when I saw it while I enjoyed the cool night breeze.