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Talking about my favorite movies: 好きな映画「マイノリティ・リポート」


 I love movies that are exciting, plus intellectually stimulating. The one which comes into mind first is “Minority Report”, released in 2002.


 In 2054, the murder rate in Washington, DC is kept zero. That’s because all the murder cases are predicted by the murder-foreseeing system which consists of three psychics called “Precogs”. The chief of PreCrime John Anderton, played by Tom Cruise, has been totally absorbed in his job making full use of the system since his son, Sean was kidnapped six years ago. One day, the system foresees a murder case and John is decided as the suspect. He doesn’t even know who the victim is so he flees to visit a doctor who designed the system and knows the fact that, very occasionally, there could be differences of opinion between Precogs, and the minor one is dealt with as a minority report. John he manages to take a Precog named Agatha out and starts seeking to get at the truth......


 I think this is the best of all the movies featuring Tom Cruise. This is also one of the best movies directed by Steven spielberg for me. I prefer movies produced before 2000 so I’m really glad to come across such a good movie which was made after that. I guess this movie have had a strong influence technologically over what’s going on now because I found some ways to use the system quite similar to the ways we use smartphones now.