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私立恵比寿中学「金八」の魅力①:願いをかなえた曲「金八DANCE MUSIC」 The charm of the album ‘Kinpachi’ by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku①: The song through which they made their dream come true, ‘Kinpachi DANCE MUSIC’


 “Kinpachi”, the title of this song which somehow impacts on me, seems to have two meanings. The one is the number of the members, Ebichu has eight members at the time, and the other is the famous music TV program, “Music Station”, which was broadcast on eight p.m. every Friday at that time.  

私立恵比寿中学 「金八DANCE MUSIC」迎春大学芸会~forever aiai~

 【廣田】A*ステ 【柏木】Bステ 【廣田】Cステ 【柏木】Dステ 

 【廣田】Eステ 【柏木】Fステ 【廣田】Gステ 【柏木】Hステ 

 【廣田】Iステ 【柏木】Jステ 【廣田】Kステ 【柏木】Lステ 


      *ステ means station

 【星名】ぽんぽんぽんぽん 【全員】*ギロッポン

  【Hoshina】pon pon pon pon 【All】Giroppon! * a slang term for Roppongi

 【松野】フライデーエイト 【全員】ギロッポン

  【Matsuno】Friday eight  【All】Giroppon!

 【小林】ぽんぽんぽんぽん 【全員】ギロッポン

  【Kobayashi】pon pon pon pon 【All】Giroppon!

 【真山】ゴールデンエイト 【全員】ギロッポン

  【Mayama】Golden eight 【All】Giroppon!


 【中山】金曜八時は スケジュール空けて

  【Nakayama】Make a slot in our schedule at eight p.m. on Friday  


  【All】Giroppon! Giroppon!

 【安本】きらきらはなやか いっちょうらを着て

  【Yasumoto】With the glittering, gorgeous best clothes


  【All】Giroppon! Giroppon!

 【柏木】繁華街なんて 行くわけ無いじゃん


  【Kashiwagi】I won’t go to the entertainment area

     If I do, I’m sure I’ll be admonished soon enough

【中山】六丁目あたり でっかいビルディング


  【Nakayama】In a huge building around 6 chome

         The studio I wanna go to is on the first basement   


  【Hoshina】I wanna appear in it as an idol


  【All】Station! Station!

 【小林】長い階段を 手をふり歩くの

  【Hoshina】I’m gonna walk down the stairs waving my hands


  【All】Station! Station!


     でっかい箱 辿り着いた

  【Mayama】We’ve ever called our concert School Performance Day,

         but we finally reached such a huge venue    


     大人の人達 よろしくちゃん

  【Hirota】I wanna take a step forward

         Please fix things up, our agent    



 What is written here in the lyrics must have been their earnest desire at that time. That desire was expressed here so explicitly that this song turned out to be a hilarious one to the extent of making listeners bursting out laughing, This song was written by Ken-ichi Maeyamada, also known as Hyadain. He has ever written for so many artists including even SMAP.  



 As a matter of fact, Ebihu appeared on Music Station and sang this song. I saw it five years ago, February 2, 2015, even though I didn’t know Ebichu at all. I remember I was exhilarated with Aika Hirota’s characteristic way of speaking, she was still a member of Ebichu at the time. Nakai, the leader of SMAP, was so intrigued by her that he made mild fun of her, and the other members of SMAP tried to mimic her. I regret a lot because I didn’t notice how good this song was at that time.


 I’m sure that this song shows one of the peaks they reached at that time. However, I know the fact that they have been blessed with good songs so far, and have reached a higher plane of achievement now. I’m somehow proud of those facts as a novice fan of them. 

金八(初回生産限定盤)(Blu-ray Disc付)

金八(初回生産限定盤)(Blu-ray Disc付)