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捕虜収容所に見る戦争の非人間性:ジェームズ・クラベル著「キング・ラット」を読んで The Inhumanity of Wars Which Can Be Seen through a POW Camp: “KING RAT” by James Clavell


 The ill-treatment of prisoners of war by Japanese soldiers is not described there at all. Japanese soldiers scarcely appear in the first place. This story which is set on a POW camp used by Japanese army accuses the inhumanity of wars. I finally finished the book called “KING RAT” which I mentioned before so I’d like to give my impressions of it now. 



 The main character is a prisoner called “King” from America. He is well dressed, always smoking, and in good shape despite lack of food and clothes in the prison. His military rank is rather low, but he behaves as if he is the King there literarily. Being highly business-minded, he has connections with some guards and Chinese outside to trade goods originally possessed by prisoners, so he saves a lot of money. One day, the King approaches an English prisoner called Peter Marlowe. That’s because Peter can speak Malayan fluently, so he wants Peter to interpret for him in a business negotiation. Late one night, King and Peter sneak out of the camp to a nearby village for a negotiation. Peter gets some parts of radio there and he makes a radio in cooperation with his room mates to know the war situation. Then, the day has finally come when the war is over…….  



 With this summary, this book seems like an exhilarating success story which is set in a POW camp. However, that recognition is overturned at the end of the story. I finished this book realizing the inevitable misery and the inhumanity of wars.

 This book is well known and widely read in America as a book that revealed what the Japanese POW camp was like. I tried to find a Japanese version, but I couldn’t. I’d like to talk about the theme of this story next time without caring about spoiling.