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B級ぽいのによい映画:「トランスワールド」 A movie that looks B-grade but is actually good: “Trans World”


 I’m always happy when I find a movie like this. I watched this movie without any information beforehand and it looked like a low-budget movie, plus it futures several actors who I don’t know at all. I thought I would decide to continue or not after watching the beginning part for about twenty minutes, but I was somehow into it because of its strange plot.



 I’d like to talk about the settings that won’t spoil your fun. In the first half of the movie, three young people, two women and a guy who a perfectly stranger to each other, come to a cabin in the forest. In the second half, a soldier comes and this happens to reveal an amazing fact. The three young people go into action together.




 You could tell nothing from these settings and that’s exactly what I wanted. You can enjoy this movie even more with the least information about it. I’m sure you will be thrilled with the unpredictable plot. I guess the high evaluations you can see at such movie review sites as Amazon Prime Video or Yahoo Movie are probaqbly right.

 I was somehow moved when I finished watching this movie. By the way, Scott Eastwood, one of the actors who appeared in it, is a son of Clint Eastwood.