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A movie that looks B-grade but is actually good : B級ぽいのによい映画 「宇宙人ポール」


宇宙人ポール [DVD]

宇宙人ポール [DVD]



 I guess some people tend to be skeptical about movies featuring creatures from outer space. I know there are some masterpieces such as “Alien”, “E.T.” and so on, but I have an image that this kind of movies could be mostly poor ones. It generally takes about two hours to see a movie so the damage is so huge if you realize the movie you saw was a poor one after seeing it. I always make a point of trying to quit watching a movie anytime but actually I can’t do that every time to end up in tears depressed at credit rolls. However, sometimes I encounter some wonderful pieces that looks B-grade but actually so good that I can finish watching it with a great satisfaction.



 When I happened to see a title of a movie, “Paul”, on the list of Amazon Prime Video, I gave it a try timidly wondering whether it was a typical B-grade one or not. Two geeks who are on their way to a big event called “Comic Con” in San Diego get into trouble with rednecks in a roadside diner, then they run away to end up witnessing a car crash. They run up to the car to save someone in it to find, much to their surprise, an extraterrestrial in front of them. They come to know that the extraterrestrial who gave his name as Paul wants to go back to his own planet so they try to support him then……. I had a wild impression that the movie might be better than “E.T.” when I came to a credit roll. The feeling of B-grade lasts till the ending but the description of what geeks the two men are like and the characterizing of Paul are so likable and humorous that I giggled many times. On top of that, you will see a big surprise at the very ending.

 I’d be happy if I could encounter some movies that looked B-grade but actually enjoyable.