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A movie harshly criticized, but for me not so bad: 酷評されてるけどわりと好きな映画「メン・イン・キャット‘Nine Lives’」


 I found a movie titled “Nine Lives” on Amazon Prime. The main actor was Kevin Spacey, who has been in a big trouble. First, I took a defensive stance because it looked like trash, however, I gave it a try while being on the alert like a cat. 



 One night, Tom, who is a dictatorial company president ignoring his family, happens to fall from the roof of the company’s building during an argument with a subordinate who aims to make their company go public. He grabs hold of a cage in which a cat is kept while falling. This is a birthday gift for his daughter and he bought it at a mysterious pet shop. He finds himself switched places with the cat when he comes to himself. Through eyes of the cat, he notices how his family is precious for him and, at the same time, tries to prevent the company from taken by his subordinate, doing his best as a cat…….


 It’s not that it is a movie to be made much of, I guess, but I enjoyed the cuteness of cats heartily so I was satisfied enough when I came to the credit roll. Then I wanted to know what other people’s impressions are like so I checked some movie review sites on the internet. The assessment with number of stars are not so low, but I was surprised at some reviews which criticized the movie harshly. For some audience, the deeper their love to cats, the more unforgivable the way of treating cats in this movie is. Wiki says that the critics have blasted this movie worst, childish, and not worth a damn.


 I’m embarrassed at my own halfhearted love to cats and being lack of appreciation for good movies, even so, I’d like to appreciate this movie, even feebly.