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ドラマ「あしたの、喜多善男」の魅力:救いと罰 The Attractiveness of This Drama, “Ashita no Kita Yoshio”: The salvation and the punishment we can see there



 This drama made me think of what salvation is like. Kita yoshio’s life was saved by Yashiro Heita in the last episode. He owes it to Heita, who looks like a hoodlum and whose age and appearance differ from Yoshio by far, that he regains the faith in life to live the rest of his days that is too many to count.   



 However, is Yoshio’s life only thing that was saved in this drama? Yashiro Heita, who seemed to save Yoshio’s life, has become able to face his father’s death to forgive him.



 Hasegawa Rika, Heita’s girlfriend, was cornered to the extent that she desperately wanted Yoshio to die, but she consequently got out of debt so she has begun her life anew. Because the loan sharks were arrested for kidnapping Yoshio.  




 Washizu Mizuho, Yoshio’s ex-wife, had suffered a bad conscience for a long time about the fake marriage with Yoshio, but she was absolved of wrongdoing through meeting Yoshio again. She also owes it to Yoshio and Sugimoto, who was interested in Yoshio’s existence, that she could narrowly escape, even by chance, from the trap that was set by Moriwaki.    



 Last but not least, I’d like to mention Yoimachi Shinobu. She was known so well as an idol who was not good at performance and spoke lines in a monotone. However, she finally showed what she was made of in a big chance to be recognized as a talented actor because she performed so well thinking and worrying about Yoshio. I embarrassingly cried when I heard her read the monologue, which is as follows.   



 “People try to blame, get angry with, pass judgement on, and punish others. It is not so difficult to yield to anger and do what they want. The most difficult thing for them is forgive others and themselves. Despite knowing that there is a harmony beyond that, people are unwilling to forgive others…….”


 “Anybody harbors evil intent in his or her heart, and sometimes hurts someone else, and even commits a sin or is dazed with grief. However, the same person sometimes seeks somebody’s love with a pure heart. If you really want to gain a genuine love, you have to forgive first, not only others but also yourself.”


 This monologue seems like the drama itself. Yoimachi Shinobu is also one of them who saved Yoshio while being saved by him.



 What is described here is not only salvation but also punishment. Yoshio’s existence works like a filter to sift the good from the evil. The good gain their future and the evil lose it through the judgement. The loan sharks and Moriwaki who set a trap for Mizuho are bad example.



 Kita Yoshio, who is the weakest person among the characters in this story being bothered by others even in trying to die peacefully and betrayed by even his closest friend and his wife, eventually saves everyone and drives away the evils. That is what makes me exhilarated and the best part of the miraculous plots.





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